What Are the Issues You are Struggling With?

 Adults Looking for Answers....



Are you feeling lost about where you are going in life? Are you struggling within relationships, with family difficulties, or with anxiety, depression or low self-esteem?


Sometimes taking the time to catch your breath, share your thoughts and explore options in a safe and non-judgmental way can get you started back on a clearer path.


 Consider giving yourself this time and space through contacting Lois for a Skype or Phone session.

Professional Healers Looking for Safe and Private Mentoring....

Are you a professional helper trying to assist clients in finding their own ways through healing and growth? Are you feeling stuck in directing those clients or could you use a second opinion about their issues related to trauma, attachment or relationship issues?


In your busy mission of helping others are you finding it difficult to find the balance between your professional and personal lives?


Are you looking for consultation in order to improve your skills in the use of Internal Family Systems Therapy, EMDR or Attachment Focused Family Therapy? Please consider calling or emailing Lois to see  what she has to offer in response to these issues.

Parents Looking for Consultation in Dealing with Traumatized Adoptive, Foster or Birth Children

 Raising children may be the hardest job any parent can do.  For me my role as parent brought me to my highest mountain peaks and then sunk me as low as the deepest valleys in my life. 


Sometimes being able to safely share both our dreams and our fears about how we are doing in this most important role in life can help tremendously in getting us out of stuck patterns and moving more confidently into close and healthier relationships with our children.


Think about taking some private time with Lois to question, evaluate, honor and work through the issues has block us repeatedly in being the best most responsive parents possible.